Oh oh oh… I adore these classes! I found Jenna after a running injury put me out for months. Love the classes so much….. especially the early morning ones. A beautiful human being who makes you feel so so welcome.


From my first class with Jenna, at the age of 52 I knew I had finally found my niche & that was purely down to Jenna’s method of teaching, her positive attitude and warm personality. I defy anyone not to feel inspired after attending one of Jenna’s classes.


Jenna has installed a love of yoga within me. Her holistic way of teaching and her lovely caring personality make her yoga classes awesome. I feel my whole body and mind relax. 


I love my weekly yoga classes with Jenna. They are calming, energising and motivating all in one. I love how Jenna teaches in a fun way, and I am always inspired by her own practice.


I had never been to a class before last year and was really nervous. I needn’t have been. Really welcoming and friendly and options throughout the class for beginners to advanced.


Love Jenna’s yoga classes. Never stuck to any fitness classes before but have been going to Jenna’s for months now. Have benefited from the classes in so many different ways . Very good at explaining the moves in detail.


Jenna is an amazing yoga teacher. Her classes give me an inner peace and some much needed ‘Me Time ‘. I love her infectious positive attitude.


I was born with hip dysplasia which limits the movement and flexibility in my hip. I’ve been running for a few years too, and noticed my hips were always sore, tight and stiff. I started yoga with Jenna in January and the difference in my hip flexibility and movement is remarkable, and stiffness after runs has massively reduced. More than this though, Jenna’s class has been amazing for my mental health and well-being – it’s an hour in the day when I can empty my mind of work stress and just focus on myself and just breathe. Good for the soul!


I started practicing with Jenna after she was highly recommended by my previous teacher. I find it hard to believe that Jenna has been teaching for a relatively short time as I have learnt so much from her. Every class is different and in every class I always feel like I’m progressing a little further. Yoga is not just about becoming physically strong but can also help with all of those mental anxieties that we all face on a daily basis. Jenna’s classes helps me find balance and I can’t recommend her enough.


Jenna’s classes are a haven from the stress of everyday life. Jenna’s down to earth and welcoming attitude makes the classes suit every ability and age.


I LOVE Jenna’s classes, they have such a nice flow to them and I always come out feeling relaxed and positive. Her teaching style is brilliant!