Joy Yoga Studio

Joy Yoga Studio is located at Box Bush Farm in West Wick, Weston-super-Mare. It opened in January 2020. The heart of Joy is its community. At Joy accessible is at the forefront of its agenda. Once you’ve entered the door and kicked off your shoes you will find the most warming, welcoming atmosphere.

You will find a range of classes at Joy. Vinyasa yoga is the heartbeat of the studio. Vinyasa means to arrange something in a special way. You will flow through postures within this embodied practice designed to reconnect you to your body, ground you and let you come back to who you truly are.

There are no rights or wrongs at Joy. It is your body, it’s your practice, you move for you. You are welcome to rest and modify the postures as you choose. Whatever brings you to Yoga, whether it’s the physical or emotional benefits, you will find vinyasa the most wonderful practice.

As well as Vinyasa, Joy Yoga Studio also offers gentle yoga, beginners yoga, No Flow Yoga (Stretch and mobility) and a Core Class. There is sure to be something that works for you. Why not check out the events page too?

Joy hosts a variety of events, retreats and workshops to help you deepen your practice and connect with likeminded individuals.